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Miszz Aina SyaZwina

      Assalamualaikum. Hey, it's Aina Syazwina Shahidan  here, and welcome to my blog. My name was given perfectly as Aina Syazwina.. People on my age started calling me WENA as we grow older. Officially Fifteen on 2nd April. Stay visit my blog. Dakwah di jalan ALLAH. Ahmad Ammar my Idol. Smk Mengkuang the places that always make me clever. Eh? Keep Calm And Love Batch99 I love Allah S.T.W. I love Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. I love my familyyyy ! I love my friends. I love Farhana Umairah Muhammad Faisal. And Nurul Aqilah Jaafar. They always be my bestfriendss! Wherever I go I love them. I love my batch very muchh :-* I love to eat Char koey Teaw . Princess of the char koey teaw . Kbyeeee lovess :D